# Introduction

Cyphal (opens new window)/DroneCAN (opens new window) (old name UAVCAN) nodes are devices primary based on CAN bus used by the PX4, ArduPilot and other projects as CAN peripherals devices.

This guide constains interface description, user manual and hardware specification for each developed devices.

Its recommended for all users to read getting started page.

# Autopilot compatibility

  1. PX4. Check official PX4 documentation (opens new window) for getting the specific wire and settings instruction.

  2. Ardupilot. Check official Ardupilot documentation (opens new window) for the getting specific wire and settings instruction.

# Existing devices

Following devices are already well tested and are being used in real applications multiple times:

# 1. Programmer-Sniffer

Programmer sniffer is must-have device required for uploading firmwares to the nodes and monitoring CAN bus.


# 2. PWM-micro

PWM-micro is the smallest CAN-PWM converter designed to control 1 - 2 ESC or servo with an external power.


# 3. PWM-mini

PWM-mini is the CAN-PWM converter designed to control 1-4 ESC or servo. Since the node has a built-in DC-DC, a servo can be powered through it.


# 4. Airspeed

Airspeed is essential for fixed-wing UAV. It measures differential pressure that might be used for airspeed estimation.



GPS-MAG-BARO is the node that has 3 devices: GPS, magnetometer and barometer.


# 6. Rangefinder

Rangefinder is used for precision landing.


# 7. UI-LEDS

UI-LEDS adds light to your UAV: use visible LEDs to indicate the current vehicle status.


# 8. CAN-mux

CAN-mux helps easily connect your devices and organize onboard network.

CAN-mux 1 CAN-mux 2 Power connector
drawing drawing drawing

# 9. [testing stage] WiFi Sniffer

WiFi Sniffer allows wireless CAN-bus monitoring via WiFi/UDP.


# 10. [testing stage] Internal Combustion Engine controller

Internal Combustion Engine controller is sophisticated board for controlling the internal combustion engine and starter.


# 11. [testing stage] PMU

PMU is power management unit for complex vehicles.


# 12. [dev stage] Charger

Charger allows to automatically charge a battery.


# 13. [dev stage] Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank is highly recommended for VTOL based on internal combustion engine. It estimates the current level and consumption of fuel.

# 14. [dev stage] Inclinometer

Inclinometer estimates his own orientation based on IMU sensors.

# 15. [testing stage] BMS

BMS is battery management system.


# 16. [dev stage] RPI Hat

RPI Hat is Raspberry PI SPI to CAN converter.


# 17. Autopilot

FMUv4 based Autopilot.


# 18. CAN wires

CAN wires: 4 wire for UCANPHY Micro (JST-GH 4) and 6 wire for (Molex 502585-0670 (opens new window)).